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Robbie Spence

Pottery Maker

“James has been *really encouraging*, knowing how I lack confidence with my playing. He’s helped by breaking the music and rhythm down into manageable chunks and sending me a transcript of my chosen song to practice my on.”

Gemma Smith


“James is a great teacher. Helping find expression through music using colourful chords and rhythm has been lovely. Very excited about songwriting now too. Thank you James”

Keith Riley


“James is a very patient guitar teacher. He listens to is students and adapts his teaching style and lessons accordingly. My lessons with him have always been enjoyable and I have always felt I have learned something new. I cannot recommend James highly enough, whatever your age or ability”​

Want To Feel Progress With Your Playing?

It’s far easier to feel like you’re getting somewhere when you can see the destination getting closer. But without clear goals and breaking them down properly, it can be unclear whether or not you’re even going in the right direction. 

Hey, I’m James Webber-Salmon, AKA JimJam, and this site is dedicated to helping fellow fingerstyle guitar players on their musical journey, through providing my own guidance and insight as a musician myself.

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What’s covered in the online lessons:

  • 3 fingerstyle learning paths: Choose from Beginner, Beyond, and Relaxing lessons
  • Fretboard Mastery: Use the CAGED system to Master the Fretboard
  • Gears of Harmony: Understand how chords work together, and how to choose which ones to use
  • Solo Wizard: Learn how to solo in any situation
  • Virtual Songbook: Learn how to play the songs you love
  • Worldwide Access: Info on lessons that are available wherever you have access to the internet.

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Choose Your Learning Path Below:

Beginner Lessons

for those who have little
no experience

Beyond Lessons

for those wanting to take their playing to the next level


for those interested in a specialised type of fingerstyle guitar

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