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If you need help getting past the first stages of learning to play – strengthening your fingers, learning essential guitar knowledge, and setting yourself on a course of enjoyment – then check out these beginner guitar lessons, for people at the start of their musical journey.

Focus On Your Goals

What inspired you to start playing? Everyone has something specific to their own journey; I’ve helped many people use it as a goal to work towards, and eventually achieve. Starting out this way, you not only learn what you want, but also pick up a host of other skills that build the foundation for your initial inspiration.

In this process, you can learn to develop focus, consistency, and other lifelong skills that positively impact other areas of your life. Imagine being able to recall memories easier, read quicker, maintain your concentration longer – all through learning to play the humble guitar.

The brain training comes with the playing, so it becomes an enjoyable experience; many students doubt their abilities in these areas at first, but quickly become absorbed in the lesson, and as time flies by, they find they have learned something new, picking up healthy habits along the way.

Play The Songs You Love

Most beginners hear a song on the radio and wish they could play it – this is where having a tutor comes in handy. There may not be any decent tabs or video lessons online to learn this song from, so I can help you by breaking down the song into digestible parts, then working on one section at a time.

By doing so, you’ll learn about the things that make up the song – the chords, music theory, and chord progressions, as well as what these are and how they fit into guitar playing. Everything is taken step-by-step, so you can see and feel yourself progressing at a rate that suits you.

If you feel like it, you can learn to create your own musical pleasures, drawing from
ideas you’ve learned from other songs, as well as from your own creativity. Some people find it hard to be creative, so I show them exercises to bring their ideas to light, then work on developing them into something more defined, eventually clarifying into a finished product – their own song. 

Solo Like A Polo

Moving on from the obscure subheading, I have many students who come to me wanting to solo. Watching other players play tremendously fast – like a polo rolling downhill (see, there WAS something to it) – students can feel discouraged when they cannot keep up that speed. I show them the fundamentals of soloing, which is playing in time, learning
a variety of techniques, and playing in a groove
– all of which don’t necessarily mean fast playing.

You can play in many styles: jazz, folk, rock, blues, pop, funk, reggae, fingerstyle, and learn techniques and melodies from each. Being diverse in music is crucial if you want to be a good player, and this is what I teach to help people learn to solo like a polo. Above all, guitar lessons should be enjoyable, so you can have a good time learning to play.

Feeling like you want to start learning to play guitar? Book a lesson today.

Feeling Like You Want To Play Guitar?

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