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Define your playing and become a better musician

So you’ve nailed the 3 chord songs and the up-down strum patterns and your basic major scale positions, and you basically want to do… more.

I get it. No need to say anything else; let’s go beyond the beginner stage, and into the realm of advanced guitar playing.

Here’s what I offer those who want to take their playing to the next level:

Achieving The 'One Thing'

Progress past the one thing that is holding you back. There may be many things, like lack of timing or some cheese holes in your theory knowledge, but there is always the one thing that, when you resolve it, everything else becomes easier or unnecessary to sort. You may not be able to see this on your own, or know how to get past it, which is why I offer help in this matter.

A good starting point is to identify where you want to be in your music and break down the process of getting there. This is something I do with students in our first lesson, and continue to come back to as their skill increases and their goals change, becoming bigger as they knock down each domino – and it all starts with progressing past that one thing.

Learn Advanced Theory

WARNING: If you know the following, you will be 51% more likely to be smashing at guitar. 

  • The CAGED system, and why it will help you to master the fretboard
  • How chords work together, and how to choose them
  • Jazz concepts like secondary dominants and extended chords that apply to
    all styles of playing for a broad range of colour and emotion
  • Advanced soloing knowledge like modal interchange and REALLY
    getting to grips with syncopated rhythmic phrases to be like
    a reed in the wind – super bendy and flexible, able to ninja your
    way through any playing scenario

It’s not just knowing these things, though; the other 49% is how you use them.
This is where having a dedicated, honest, and friendly teacher comes in handy,
someone who can show you exactly where you’re going wrong and where
you’re going right.

Embrace Your Creativity

Learning how to answer your own questions, and learning the right questions
to ask, makes learning anything easier – and with guitar playing it’s no different.
This part of the lessons is something I add in to help you embrace your own ways
 of thinking and problem solving
– to get to the heart of your own creative solutions.

By doing so, you can learn to write songs that really mean something to you.
This is supported by developing your songwriting skills, practising creating ideas
until you find ones you love, then working on the multiple ways you can develop
those ideas. I show students how they can twist, pull, stretch, squeeze and
manipulate any idea to become whatever they fancy – it just takes a little creativity,

and the way I inspire you is by showing you how I manipulate ideas first hand.

This all comes down to connecting with music that moves you, and using it
 to create music that moves others.
Once you learn to make music that moves
you, this is when you really fall in love with the guitar, and is where your
playing really does go to the next level… and beyond.


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