Hi. I’m JimJam.

And my passion in life is helping
people learn to play guitar.

The Story

Ever since I was little(er – I’m 5ft and I can fit in small places you probably can’t), I have loved music. Through teaching people how to play, I’m able to share my passion for helping others with music anywhere in the world.

Thanks to my parents awesome collection, I listened and fell in love with many songs and artists from their generation, like Fleetwood Mac, Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash, and then peaked with Tommy Emmanuel. He is a true legend to me, and his ability to perform such rich and full sounding pieces alone never ceased to inspire me.

The reason I choose to teach online is because as long as you have internet connection, you can connect with my learning material to help you play like these great artists.

And to me, feeling connected is everything.

WARNING: It gets a bit moodier from here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you’re just Interested in learning to play, find out more here.

The Deep End

Back in school, I didn’t connect with anyone well. I had lots of friends, and a very loving family, but no close friends, and I couldn’t express myself happily with my family. I would wander round with what I now know was intense social anxiety and depression. I couldn’t tell my parents because I didn’t know what was going on.

To put it simply; I hated my life.

Until I decided to do something about it.

I decided to face my situation head on, and be more responsible of the situation I was in. This was at the start of my college life.

I started being interested in things I wasn’t before – break dance classes, djembe drum circles, a circus group, socialising with strangers – and I found out that what was stopping me wasn’t that I was unable to connect with people…

…It was simply that I was unwilling to share myself.

When I learned this, I got into mindfulness, learning about who I was and why I act the way I do around others, as well as why others act the way they do, around myself and around others.

To this day, 9 years on, I am still opening up to new avenues of my character, and learning how to share appropriately, so I can develop relationships with friends and family that will last for decades.

And throughout all this, there was one constant that helped me to connect, both with myself and others…

ThAt constant was

Music is like another world, full of magic. It has helped to ground me in reality – I was quite the daydreamer in school – and I hope the knowledge I share helps others to do the same.

If what you’ve read has inspired you to learn, then I hope you check out my blog and other information on this site to help you on your journey.

May your journey be well and prosperous!


James Webber-Salmon, AKA JimJam.


A site made for helping fingerstyle guitar players all over the world. 

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