Today I’d like to share my thoughts on something special; tapping into your creativity and expressing your voice. This is something I LOVE to think about because everyone has their own unique voice, and I believe that anyone can play music if you show them how.

(if they don’t already know how to play)

As a guitar teacher, I combine music theory and a creative approach to find your voice. Music theory sets the groundwork for connecting with other musicians and learning about music as it has been developed through a set of guidelines in the past.

Then there’s the creative potential, which is the voice of each musician. It’s made of the different feelings that we generate, our unique perspective and interpretation of music. Tapping into this potential is where our greatest strength lies.

How Can We Tap Into Our Potential?

When we’re being creative and coming up with ideas, it can be difficult when self-doubt, judgement and inner resistance creep into play. Not to mention the fear of success, of being our authentic selves.

Because of this, it can be tempting to only learn the licks and riffs of other guitarists, copying their style note-for-note. However, you’ll only really feel satisfied when you play what you want to play.

I’ve found that whenever I play music that I feel shows the real me… that’s when I feel the most satisfied.

So what can we do to tap into our potential?

The Power Of Intent

One key thing is the intent. When you play, what are you playing for? Is it to look cool? To sound good? These things don’t serve our happiness, as they rely on things outside of ourselves.

A useful intention for lasting happiness with guitar playing is intending to enjoy the moment or to enjoy the music you’re playing.

Last Summer of 2019 I was making content with the intent to make money doing something I loved. Whilst I was working on doing what I loved, I wasn’t enjoying the process because the main intent was doing it for money, which I didn’t find enjoyable. After reading a book called The One Thing, my perspective changed and so did my intent, which turned into providing value to people, to help them with music.

Through constantly questioning myself, going through different creation processes, different feelings, thoughts, interactions with others – all led with this new intent – I came to the realisation that the greatest way I can provide value is to share my truth: and that is anyone can play music.

As of 16/03/20, I don’t know what exactly this message means, but I know it’s my truth and that I need to share it in order to be happy. This also led me to realise when you play music with the intent that aligns with who you really are, then that’s when your voice shines through and your playing is taken to the next level.

How To Set An Intention

To start using intention when playing, try thinking/ saying this out loud before you play: “I intend to play with enjoyment”. If you can’t think of an intent that you want to state, then use an intention to find that intent. For example: “I intend to uncover my true intention”.

In doing these things we lead our mind and heart to a place of being a person that plays from a place of truth. With intent, we guide ourselves towards whatever we like.

This happens on an unconscious level every day. When someone gives you something, it might be with the intent to get something in return, which can be clear later on if they become upset that they didn’t get anything in return.

On the flip side, when someone talks with you just to be with you, this also becomes clear in their actions and how you feel around them. With this intent, it feels calming and safe to be with them, and if you don’t click then you don’t feel any pressure from them to be someone you’re not, because they’re there with the intent to be with you as you are.

Who Are You Playing For?

And so, I ask the question again; when you play, who are you playing for? I say to play for yourself. Play with the intent to be with yourself, to express your truth. It’s the most important thing you can do with music, and I hope you give it a go at least to taste it for yourself. Your playing will take a turn for the better if you do, no matter what stage you’re at.

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