The no.1 way to motivate yourself to play is by learning to enjoy your process, and by making the mark of success to be happiness. When this is done, it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at – you will more likely enjoy it regardless.

With that being said, focusing on the process is important. More important than focusing on your goals. 80% of your time should be on the process, and only 20% on the goals. 

Motivating yourself can be hard. There are days you don’t want to play. You’ll have had a down day, something went wrong – school was awful, you had a problem with the printer at work, traffic was manic – and you’ll say “Not today”. Also, if you’re not interacting with other guitar enthusiasts, then it’s hard to get the motivation going. 

Things we can do to motivate ourselves to learn:

  1. Focus on the process. It’s a journey, and it’s best enjoyed; both the highs and lows, and the majority of grey in between.
  2. Connect with people who support your playing. These people will help you, but first…
  3. Focus on connecting with yourself. Identify why you love to play, your love for music, and connect with it on a daily basis. Set yourself goals that help you do this. 
  4. Set goals you can achieve. Nothing is motivational like actually achieving something you set out to do. 

Motivation can be elusive. But the ultimate motivator is ourselves, and how we treat ourselves, that gets us going. 

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