Music Theory Is Cool.

You may not have known this before, but you
do now. You’re welcome.

Why Learn Theory?

If you want to be an amazing guitarist, then you need
to learn the theory that will help you understand how to play amazingly. But whats also amazing is that half of beginners don’t even bother with theory, instead focusing solely on technique – if only they knew how cool music theory really is.

Soloing Concepts

The first fly part of theory is that it helps you solo like a beast. You wouldn’t go travelling without a map – but this is exactly what players do when they attempt to solo without knowing the harmonic terrain they’re playing over.

Chord Knowledge

The second groovy part is a simple fact; know your chords, and you can work your way through most any musical situation. Chords are the underlying harmony for songs, a core drive in music, and so knowing how they work together and what to do if they don’t makes all the difference when working with any piece of music.

Improve Your Songwriting

The third snazzy part (running out of cool synonyms here) of music theory is that it helps you write better songs. It’s far easier to write songs when you can clearly articulate whats going on in your head, both to yourself and to others.

Helps To Play With Others

…Which brings us onto our final bombastic part (nailed it); if you want to play with other musicians easier, then knowing how to talk about the music you’re playing/ listening to helps IMMENSELY. Even more immensely than the word immense. How much easier is it to talk about a specific progression you’re playing, and knowing what else would fit with it, rather than saying “you play this one, then this one, then this one, and I don’t know… they just sound good together”, ?

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