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Learn To Play Relaxing Guitar Music

There’s nothing quite like picking up the guitar and playing something that makes you go “Ahhh”. Like the feeling of drinking a cup of hot chocolate whilst Fleetwood Mac play ‘Albatross’ in your living room overlooking a valley at sunrise – this is playing relaxing guitar music.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from these lessons;


Gentle Improvisation

Whether it be for 5 minutes or 50 minutes, you can relax your mind by improvising freely, creating a musical train of thought on the fly. Generally there are two common rhythms for relaxing music; a flow rhythm, which has no central beat (think of classical music), and slow, swung grooves. You can learn to play in both of these.

If you get bored on your own, no problem – play with others, learning when to come in and when to add your own parts, through learning how to listen. You’ll also learn a variety of jamming techniques like Call & Response, Grounding a rhythm, Pacing, and more.   

Maybe you’ve heard a track you love to put on in the background at home? Now you can play along with it – through ear training that doesn’t suck, identify which key you’re in, chord changes, and the rhythm of the song.

Songwriting For The Soul

Chill yourself out by writing your own relaxing music. Many students I teach have some music floating around in their heads, and I help them to get it out into the real world by starting with one idea, then developing it a bit at a time, until that idea is complete. Sometimes its a small one, sometimes it’s a whole song – the important thing is that the creator feels like they are expressing themselves.

To accompany this, you’ll learn beautiful chords and progressions, the ones that sound like Heaven on strings. These are typically extended chords and variations of chords you may already know. You’ll be amazed at the sounds you can create by just changing a few fingers around, and for the ones that really stretch your fingers, I’ve got exercises to deal with such scenarios.

Once you’ve got this far, you can be the soothing musician at parties and social gatherings. I’ve played in the background at many events, for my friends and for gigs. Since my songs typically don’t have lyrics, you don’t get a chanting audience, but you do connect and create a great vibe for everyone to enjoy. Trust me – people love it 🙂

Learn Songs You Love

Learn different styles of relaxing guitar from a wide variety of artists, and in a surprising range of genres, ranging from not only fingerstyle and ambient music, but to jazz, blues, folk,
country, hip-hop, and even funk. Below is a list of my repertoire, from which
you can pick and choose to play:

Pink Moon – Nick Drake
Breathe – Pink Floyd
Diamonds in the Back – Curtis Mayfield
Lovely Day
Rock with the You – Micheal Jackson
Crazy – Knarls Barkley
Upside Down – Jack Johnson
Buffalo Soldier
Could this be Love

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
Perfect – Ed Sheeran
Bad Moon Rising
Trouble – Ray LaMontagne
Listen to the Man
Everybody wants to Rule the World
Send me on my Way
Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes

You can call me Al
Mrs. Robinson
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Country Road – John Denver
Sweet Home Alabama – Lynrd Skynrd
Walk on the Wild Side
Stuck in the Middle with You
Horse with No Name
Cocaine – Eric Clapton
Living in a Dust Bowl – Joe Bonamassa

If you have your own songs you want to learn, then we can focus on these 
 It’s your lessons, and I want you to enjoy them as much as possible.

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