This page will make you interested in Songwriting.

There, I said it.

What’s the one thing stopping you from writing great songs? Being a unique individual, it could be a number of things; but for many, it’s knowing how to create good ideas. Read on to find out how:

Make The Songwriting Process Enjoyable

This is a core problem for many musicians creating songs – they are too hard on themselves when they don’t create what they hear in their heads. Self-Deprecation leaves you feeling worse than when you started. Instead, you want the process to leave you feeling happy and energised – even when you make mistakes.

Deepen Your Knowledge Of Theory

Yes I know, lots of musicians write songs without knowing theory. But it sure benefits you and makes the process easier by knowing how to talk about what you’re playing, both to yourself and to others.

Practise Self-Expression

Which brings us to our last point; self-expression, and therefore songwriting, is a skill that you can practise and improve with consistent effort. Do you know the hardest part about effort? Its getting started.

Because once you start, and keep it going, the rest becomes so much easier. 

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